Major and Minor Changes

The Office of the Registrar houses policies and forms that allow undergraduate students to change or add majors, degrees, minors and specializations. For questions regarding degree or program requirements, please consult your college’s website or speak with your advisor. 

Setting Primary Major

To distinguish between your majors, setting one to primary and the other to secondary, please email to request the change. For additional information about what a major is and its purpose, please visit Academic Pathways Advising.

Display of Majors and Minors

  • 2nd degree: Noted on transcript, two diplomas issued.
  • 2nd major: Noted on transcript and listed on diploma. Only one diploma is issued.
  • Minor: Noted on transcript, not on diploma.
  • Honors: Departmental Honors are noted on both the transcript and diploma as the major, for example: "English with Departmental Honors". University Honors and Core Honors are noted on the transcript as specializations.  
  • Specialization: Noted on transcript, not on diploma.
  • Certificate: Noted on transcript. A certificate - not a diploma is issued.

Double Major and Double Degree

Below are the main differences between a double degree seeking and a double major seeking student. For further information, refer to Second Baccalaureate Degree and Double Major (76-2).

Double Degree

  • 225 minimum credits required (*Matteo Ricci Institute students, see below)
  • Core requirements for both degrees must be completed
  • Major requirements for both majors must be completed
  • 2 Diplomas will be issued

Double Major (*Matteo Ricci Institute students, see below)

  • 180 minimum credits required
  • Core requirements for the primary degree/major must be completed
  • College requirements for the secondary major must be completed (i.e. College of Arts & Sciences requires the 15 credit Modern Language Series and an additional History course)
  • Major requirements for both majors must be completed, including any Core courses required within the second major
  • One Diploma will be issued with two majors listed

Which one should I or my advisee choose?

Students who wish to pursue a double major in two different colleges (i.e. Albers School of Business and Economics and Arts and Sciences) would likely benefit from declaring a double degree in lieu of a double major due to the fact that they will likely meet the 225 credits given the variation across colleges.

*Note that students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities may not select the double major option; they must select the double degree option and will be required to complete 180 credits for both degrees, not 225 credits.

Adding a Major, Degree, Specialization or Certificate:

The Program Add/Drop/Change (e-form) allows you to make changes to your program. 

Adding a major, degree, or certificate are all distinct options. We recommend that you speak with your advisor before submitting the form to ensure that you have selected the appropriate option. 

Adding a Minor:

The Program Add/Drop/Change (e-form) allows you to select a minor. 

More information about minors can be found in the Undergraduate Minors (84-01) policy.

A minor is posted to a student's record concurrent with a first undergraduate degree only. All degree and minor requirements must be satisfied prior to such posting. A minor will not be posted after a first baccalaureate degree has been awarded.