Tuition and Fees


The average credit load per quarter is 3 credits (one class) for part-time students and 6-9 credits for full-time students. The credits needed to complete each degree vary by degree program and are listed on the degree program web pages. Cost per credit hour for the 2023 - 2024 academic year:

  • Master’s degree credits*: 
    • Clinical Mental Health Counseling (in-person & online): $722
    • Educational Administration: $722
    • Educating Non-Native English Speakers^: $722
    • Master in Teaching: $694
    • School Counseling (in-person & online): $722
    • School Psychology: $722
    • Special Education^: $722
    • Student Development Administration: $694
  • Doctoral degree credits: $834

*Students will be charged their program tuition rate regardless of course prefix.

^Degrees are no longer offered. These prices are for enrolled students finishing their degrees.


  • Matriculation (one-time fee, non-refundable): $150
  • Student Development Masters Program Fee: $500
  • EDLR 6120 (program continuation): $794 per additional quarter
  • Doctoral dissertation and publication: $115
  • Additional dissertation copyright fee (optional): $55
  • College of Education Assessment Fee (per quarter): $50
  • Quarterly wellness fee (enrolled in 9 credits or more): $150
  • Quarterly wellness fee (enrolled in less than 9 credits): $115
  • Quarterly technology fee (enrolled in 9 credits or more): $182
  • Quarterly technology fee (enrolled in less than 9 credits): $122
  • Late Registration (per course for any registration after the add/drop period): $50
  • Graduate Activity Fee (per quarter): $10


  • Doctor of Education deposit: $500
  • Master in Teaching deposit: $100

Course Specific Fees

Some courses have additional associated fees. These are listed in the course section details on SUOnline when conducting a search for classes.

Tuition Remission for SU Employees 

Seattle University tuition and fees are set yearly and subject to change each summer quarter for the coming year. Seattle University reserves the right to revise its charges at any time without prior notice.