Tuition Benefits Program

The University’s tuition benefit programs provide financial assistance to help employees, their spouses, and dependents take advantage of post-secondary educational opportunities.

The University provides tuition benefits through the following programs:

  1. Tuition Remission - for employees, spouses or dependents taking courses or pursuing degrees at Seattle University.
  2. Faculty and Staff Children Exchange (FACHEX) - for dependent children's undergraduate education at a U.S. Jesuit university or college.
  3. Tuition Exchange - for dependent children’s undergraduate education at one of 600+ (U.S.) colleges and universities. 
  4. Tuition Discount Program - if not a participant in a tuition exchange benefit, the University will reimburse 4.25% of dependent children's undergraduate tuition costs.

The University retains the right to modify or change the tuition programs at any time with prior notice to employees. Any change that occurs during a quarter will be effective at the start of the next quarter.