Human Resources

Viaduct Closure Information

Work will soon begin to permanently close the Alaskan Way viaduct in Seattle and open the SR99 tunnel. This project, known as the “Period of Maximum Constraint” or the “Seattle Squeeze,” will last approximately three weeks, beginning January 11, 2019.

While the main closure of the viaduct is projected to take three weeks, additional ramp closures are anticipated for another three weeks. Washington Department of Transportation (WSDOT) is advising commuters to expect a significant increase of region-wide traffic congestion and disruption for up to six weeks. This will be the longest and biggest highway closure in Seattle area history.

Start planning with your department and managers in regards to ways in which you may be able to adjust your commute patterns to address the traffic congestion during this time. HR is also available to answer questions and advise workgroups throughout this period.

Please be reminded that our commitment to SU’s educational mission and supporting and serving our students and university community will remain the same. Above all, we will maintain our commitment and responsibility of service to our students and the SU community.

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