Tuition Exchange & FACHEX Programs

Visit to research colleges and universities that are participating in Tuition Exchange or FACHEX programs.  This is also the site where families apply for exchange scholarships.

It is important to note that the Tuition Exchange and FACHEX awards are limited in number and highly competitive in terms of selectivity. There are no guarantees to dependent's of eligible faculty and staff colleagues that they will be selected for the Tuition Exchange or FACHEX award at the institution of their choice.

  FACHEX Tuition Exchange
Employee Eligibility
  • After 3 years of regular, benefits-eligible employment
  • Immediately with eligible prior service*
Dependent Eligibility Dependent children as defined by the IRS
Restrictions First undergraduate degree
Participating Institutions 26 Jesuit Colleges excluding Georgetown 600+ Institutions across the United States  
Deadline (for returning Exchange requests) December 15th  February 1
Advice: You should submit your Exchange application as early as possible
Process Overview
  • You complete the online exchange application
  • HR certifies you have met eligibility
  • Students apply for admission to the school(s)
  • Institutions make their decisions
  • Institutions notify students

* If you completed 5 or more years of continuous full-time employment at a single, accredited institution of higher education immediately prior to joining the University, you have satisfied tuition benefits eligibility upon becoming a regular University employee. Your previous employer must be accredited in accordance with University policy. "Immediately prior" is defined as your last place of employment. If during the course of employment at the prior university you had a break in service of not longer than six months, and all other criteria are met, prior service requirements will be satisfied.