Making Changes

Open Enrollment

You may change your benefit elections annually during the Open Enrollment period.  Seattle University's Open Enrollment takes place during November and the changes are effective the following January 1.  During Open Enrollment you may:

  1. Add or drop coverage for yourself and your family,
  2. Change medical plans,
  3. Change life insurance and AD&D coverage, and
  4. Add or renew your Healthcare Spending Account or Dependent Care Spending Account.

Family Status Changes

You may change your benefit elections after initial enrollment or the University's Open Enrollment period if you experience a “qualifying life event” and initiate your request via the 'PlanSource' enrollment site within 30 days of the event (60 days for adding newborns or newly adopted children). Qualifying events include, but are not limited to:

  1.   Marriage,
  2.   Birth, adoption or gaining legal custody of a child,
  3.   Loss or gain of eligibility due to family employment changes,
  4.   Legal separation, divorce or dissolution,
  5.   Death of an eligible family member.