Sick Time Sharing Program

The Sick Time Sharing Program is a means to transfer sick time to regular staff employees through employee donations. The transfer occurs when a regular staff employee is in need of additional time after exhausting their own accrued sick time and all but five (5) days’ vacation due to the impact of a public health emergency.

Intent and Calculation of the Sick Time Sharing Program

Employees who may have exhausted sick time due to the impact of the requirements of a public health emergency may be eligible to utilize donations from the program. This program includes donated sick time for one's own qualifying reason as well as to care for a family member. The program does not include common illness or conditions resulting from any occupationally related injury or illness and for which workers' compensation benefits have been awarded. Human Resources is responsible for the transfer from donor to recipient, which are paid at the recipient's current rate of pay. The University reserves the right to request written documentation supporting the need for a donation.

Eligibility to Receive or Donate Shared Sick Time

All regular staff employees are eligible to participate in the program as a recipient.  Donations are limited to those regular staff employees who retain available sick time hours that accrued prior to July 1, 2018 and are retained in the special sick time reserve bank.   

Maximum Donated or Received Sick Time per Employee:

  • Employees with accrued balances in their reserve sick time bank can donate a maximum of five (5) days of sick time in any twelve (12) month period. Employees may not donate sick time out of their regular annual award of sick time. Employees who terminate are unable to donate unused sick time to the program at the time of separation.
  • An eligible employee can receive a maximum of ten (10) days in donated sick time in any twelve (12) month period.

Procedures for Time Donation

Human Resources maintains a list of employees requesting to be included as potential donors of sick time days. Employees who wish to donate sick time days may submit a Sick Time Sharing Donation Form to Human Resources.  Human Resources will contact donors prior to the transfer of pledged days to confirm continued willingness to participate in the sick time sharing program and as notification of the number of days to be transferred. Once confirmed, the donor’s accrued reserve sick time hours and pledge amount will be reduced by the number of hours required to satisfy the need.

Procedures for Requesting a Time Donation

Staff who have exhausted their sick time and all but five (5) days' vacation may request a donation from the sick time sharing program by contacting Human Resources to discuss their situation.