You are eligible to enroll in Seattle University health and other insurance benefits if you are a staff employee who is regularly scheduled to work 20 or more hours per week or if you are a faculty member assigned 17.5 (or more) work units in an academic year appointment. Faculty appointments must be for the full academic year to be eligible for life, accidental death/dismemberment and long-term disability benefits.

Eligible dependents for medical, dental, vision, life and accidental death/dismemberment insurance include:

  • Your legal spouse or state registered domestic partner, and
  •  Your children under the age of 26 (natural children, stepchildren, foster children, adopted children, children for whom you are the court appointed guardian).

A Legally Domiciled Adult may be enrolled in certain benefit plans in lieu of a spouse or registered domestic partner subject to additional certification requirements. Available coverage choices include medical, dental and vision insurance. Under certain conditions, eligible faculty and staff may also purchase similar coverage for the dependent children of a Legally Domiciled Adult. Contact Human Resources to discuss eligibility and certification requirements of a Legally Domiciled Adult.