College Governance

College Governance

Dean-EC-FSSThe College of Arts and Sciences is governed by two primary, co-equal bodies in conjunction with the Dean.

College governance must adhere to the Bylaws of the College of Arts and Sciences Governance Structure. Bylaws may be amended by vote of the EC and FSS.

Download the Bylaws: CAS Shared Governance Bylaws rev 2021

Executive Council (EC)

The Arts and Sciences Executive Committee (EC) is a shared governance body of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) and advisory body to the Dean. The body provides a mechanism to discuss daily business, policy and larger philosophical and strategic issues. Its functions include leadership, administrative and policy-making responsibilities. Your regular Seattle U login will provide access to this section.

A&S Faculty and Staff Senate (FSS)

The Faculty and Staff Senate (FSS) is comprised of staff and faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences.

The FSS mission is to facilitate the inclusion of the voices of faculty and staff in college governance, promote the interests of its members within and beyond the college, and make recommendations about matters of college and university policy that have a direct impact on the college.  These activities are coordinated by a Senate with representatives from tenured/tenure-track faculty, non-tenure-track faculty, and staff. 

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Standing Committees

Standing committees of the College of Arts and Sciences are integral to college operations and shared governance. Most committee positions are elected, but some are appointed or ex-officio by virtue of their position on campus. Arts and Sciences Standing Committee elections are held annually in accordance with college bylaws. Learn about the Standing Committees here.