Advising FAQ's


Where can I find more information on how to register for classes?
Visit our Registration Questions page for helpful answers. 

Who is my advisor? 
Your advisor’s name is available on MySeattleU Student Planning. Learn more about locating your advisor. 

Where can I read more about SU academic policies? 
The Office of the Registrar maintains all academic policies at SU. All policies are published on their website

I would like to begin mapping out my academic plan but I don’t know how to begin. 
There are a lot of resources available to help you begin drafting your Educational Plan. First, review these steps to create an educational plan. Next, create an a plan in MySeattleU Student Planning or using this Educational Plan document. Finally, meet with your academic advisor to review and revise your plan.

What is my program evaluation, and where can I find it?
The program evaluation is a personalized document that tracks all the requirements you need to complete your degree. You can review your program evaluation on MySeattleU Student Planning. More information on how to read a program evaluation can be found by downloading our How to Read Program Evaluations handout.

What is the Core Curriculum? 
The Core is the academic “center of gravity” of a Seattle University undergraduate education. Deeply rooted in the Jesuit educational tradition and emphasizing rigorous, intentional, and engaging courses, the University Core helps students understand the world deeply, develop strong intellectual skills, and prepare to be thoughtful and empowered leaders for a better world. 

How do I change my major or add a minor? 
Before making any changes, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with your advisor to discuss this process. For more detailed instructions on how to change your major, visit our Major and Minor Selection site.

I’m interested in studying abroad. Where do I start? 
The Education Abroad Office is your next stop. We encourage students to begin planning as early as possible, even one to two years in advance. 

Can I take classes at another college or university and transfer the credits back to SU? 
It is possible. However, carefully read SU’s policies on transferring credit before making your decision. Required paperwork must be completed before you begin classes at another institution. As always, meet with your advisor to discuss this process further.

Where can I find a tutor? 
Tutors are available to help you in a variety of subjects and methods. Contact Learning Assistance Programs at or visit the 2nd floor of Lemieux Library to connect with tutors in language, math, sciences and more. 

Where can I get help with writing?
The Writing Center now provides online consultations! Contact the Writing Center at or visit the 2nd floor of Lemieux Library to get one-on-one writing assistance.

Can someone help me with math coursework?
Math Lab is a drop-in service available for students taking lower-division math courses, including UCOR 1200. For math assistance, contact the Math Lab at oon the 2nd floor of Lemieux Library.

English is not my first language. Is someone able to help me with English language skills?
Non-native English speakers can utilize one-on-one tutoring in the English Language Learning Center (ELLC). To learn more, contact or visit the Admin building, room 131.


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