Math Lab

Math Lab Now Open for Spring Quarter

The Math Lab provides a “Virtual Study Hall” for Seattle U students in lower division Math courses from Math 1000 to Math 2330, including UCOR 1200. Join us over Zoom to work in the presence of fellow students on your math problems. Each meeting is hosted by an SU student that can answer short questions via chat or longer questions via the breakout room feature in Zoom. Any questions about the Math Lab should be directed to Dr. Eric Bahuaud, Director of the Math Lab: Bannan 410, 206-296-5921,

MONDAYs - THURSDAYs: 3:30 ‐ 8:30 PM

Spring Quarter Zoom link:

SU sign in needed to access. If the host is not there, please try again shortly after the opening hour. You may need to click “Join Meeting as an Attendee” to enter.