Math Lab

Math Lab Poster 2017 2D - Detail: Free Tutoring

Math Lab will be offering services remotely via Zoom in Spring 2020

Available Starting: Wednesday, April 8
Hours of Operation:  Monday thru Thursday, 12:30-4:30pm
Note:  The Math Lab is closed on official SU holidays

To get help, please send an email to from your SU email account.  Please send this email during our hours of operation, and a Math Lab assistant will respond with a Zoom weblink for video chat as soon as they are available.  Math Lab is best used for help on a couple of problems at a time, with interactions lasting 10-15 minutes on average. Please state the course for which you are seeking help in your email.

Our tutors are adjusting to our new online service model, so we most appreciate your patience as we work out the kinks. 

The Math Lab is a service provided by the Mathematics Department for all students in lower division math courses (up through MATH 2330, and including UCOR 1200 classes) at Seattle University. The Lab is meant to augment the assistance given by the instructor of the course and to provide help at times when the instructor is not available. Any questions about the Math Lab should be directed to Dr. Mark MacLean, Director of the Math Lab: Bannan 417, 206-296-2248,