Department of Mathematics

Life is filled with questions. Math provides answers. The study of mathematics charts a path for those curious, providing a way to see life’s connections, understand patterns, quantify relationships and predict the future.

About Us

Math is about possibilities. It empowers us to ask and answer questions about our world and our place within it. Launch your career of inquiry by becoming fluent in the language of science. Here you’ll become adept at analysis, critical thinking, abstract reasoning and problem-solving.

Math: An Endeavor for All

Our programs offer diverse learning experiences. Students can delve into pure mathematics, they can focus on applied mathematics or they can choose a broader path and touch on a range of math areas. Additionally, our new data science master’s degree prepares students of all backgrounds for entry into one of the fastest growing careers.

Our Programs

Math Is for All Majors

Every student, regardless of their major, can benefit from minors in either mathematics or data science.

Discover Mathematics

Learn more about why you should pursue a degree in the Department of Mathematics.

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What Can I Do with My Mathematics Degree?

It’s true that some mathematics majors work as accountants or actuaries—and earn good money doing so! Seattle University math majors have gone on to become investment brokers, transportation planners, data technicians and more. Our mathematics alumni work for companies such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Teach for America, Microsoft and others. It's safe to say a degree in mathematics opens doors across a variety of industries.

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Data Delivers: Introducing the New MS in Data Science

Math + tech = unlimited career options.  We partnered with industry leaders, including Microsoft and Facebook, to create our new MS in Data Science. It’s a cutting-edge curriculum taught by industry experts and featuring hands-on capstone projects. 


Projected Job Growth (2022-2032)

Data science ranks as one of the fastest growing career fields in the US, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Math Adds Value, and So Can You

You’re ready to change the world, and our community service programs are a great place to start, whether you want to tutor Seattle schoolchildren or ensure electricity for rural African families. Learn more about how you can add value to the world here.

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Research: How Humanity Advances

Exploration awaits when you assist your math professors with their ongoing research.  Our faculty are passionate about engaging students in the deeper discovery of research work. See examples of faculty research projects supported by students.

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Math Is for Everyone

Our Math Lab ensures that mathematics remains accessible and approachable by providing free tutoring for all students in first and second-year math courses. For questions about the Math Lab, contact Eric Bahuaud, PhD.

Student Resources

Our Path for Math

We designed our curriculum for you. Our proposed academic plan ensures mastery of key fundamentals while approaching advanced concepts at a sustainable pace. Explore your proposed academic plan.

Gain a Partner in Academic Advising

The College of Science & Engineering’s Advising Center provides practical resources and personal support specifically for mathematics students. See how the Advising Center can support you.  

Math Club: Fun for All Majors

Grow your skills and your friend group at Math Club. This social club hosts game nights, group trips, study sessions, and more. Learn more.

The Missing Link(s)

Math makes everything better—including the Internet. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite mathematical websites. Explore our link list.

Awards Await 

Your achievements deserve recognition. Several prestigious awards exist to honor our mathematics students. Click here to see a list of awards.

Your Future Can Be Funded

Scholarships reduce financial stress and allow students to focus fully on student life. Learn more about how you can more freely enjoy your education. 

Math Lab provides FREE math tutoring for Seattle U students in lower division Math courses from Math 1000 to Math 2340, including UCOR 1200.

See Math Lab.

Mathematics Faculty and Staff

Our math students benefit from close faculty connections.