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Data Science, MS

In a world overflowing with information, there's a growing demand for skilled data science professionals. Seattle University's Master of Science in Data Science (MSDS) will provide you with the technical and analytical skills you need to excel in one of the world's fastest-growing industries.

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About this Program

Gain In-Demand Skills and Become a Leader in the Era of Big Data

The Seattle University Master of Science in Data Science (MSDS) is focused on the study of data-driven decision making. Our interdisciplinary program from the Department of Mathematics combines the developmental aspects of statistics and computer science to bring data analysis and modeling to bear on real-world problems.

The MSDS is 45 credits and can be completed in 6-7 academic quarters, with evening courses suited to working professionals.

Connected to Seattle’s Top Employers

Recent decades have seen a rapid expansion in data collection, and the magnitude of that data impacts every industry. Seattle is one of the intellectual centers of this emerging field, and there's a growing demand in our region for professionals with advanced training in data science.

Seattle University's MS in Data Science connects students with local industry partners, and these associations provide our students with experiential learning opportunities, access to industry events and connections to current data science professionals. As part of your capstone project, you'll work in small teams to define and carry out a data science project in collaboration with an industry partner, furthering your connections with potential employers.

Graduate Data Science Degree At A Glance

Learn how this degree from the Department of Mathematics will contribute to your career goals. Then, explore course requirements and see how impactful a Seattle University degree can be.

Pursuing a graduate degree in data science from Seattle University entails a deep dive into analytics, machine learning and emerging technologies. The program sharpens your skills in data manipulation, interpretation and algorithmic understanding. Our dynamic curriculum is developed in collaboration with industry partners, ensuring the knowledge and skills you gain in the program are in high demand and relevant to current industry needs. Expect a focus on real-world applications, preparing you for impactful contributions in data-driven decision making across any sector. The MSDS program offers a pragmatic and transformative educational experience, setting you on a path to excel in the fast-evolving field of data science.

At graduation, students with a master's degree in data science will be able to:

  • Apply appropriate analytical and computational methods to solve real-world problems effectively.
  • Communicate technical information effectively to a specific audience via speech, writing and data visualization.
  • Identify and propose well-reasoned means of addressing moral or ethical challenges in the practice of data science.
  • Exhibit constructive and inclusive collaboration and teamwork skills.
  • Demonstrate (by means of a capstone project) deep contextual experience of goal setting and delivery of recommendations in at least one specific domain.

What You’ll Learn

Explore the classes you’ll take as a student here.

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23%+ Projected Job Growth for M.S. in Data Science

SU prepares you to work in one of the fastest growing job industries (2022-23)

Virtual Information Sessions

Have questions about Seattle University's Master of Science in Data Science? Attend a one-hour virtual information session to learn more about graduate programs in the College of Science and Engineering, meet a knowledgeable admissions representative, and get answers to your questions about the program, the application process and more.

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Prepared for Success in Seattle’s Global Tech Industry

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Industry-Sponsored Capstone Project

The MSDS degree culminates in a two-quarter capstone experience. Through the Project Center, you'll work in small teams to define and carry out a data analysis project from beginning to end to address a real-world challenge for an industry partner.

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Flexibility for Working Professionals

Designed to accommodate both full-time students and working professionals, you can enroll in the MS in Data Science program full- or part-time. Our courses are taught in the evenings to maximize flexibility. 

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More Than Technical Skills: Justice and Ethics

A graduate degree from Seattle University doesn’t just prepare you for a constantly changing world—we help you shape it for the better. Consistent with the mission of Seattle University to empower leaders for a just and humane world, the program places an emphasis on ethical and legal issues in data science. 

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Industry Advisory Board

Designed With Seattle’s Tech Industry Leaders for Today’s Market

Seattle University works with local and national tech and business partners to develop a curriculum that's relevant to today's job market.

Faculty in the MS in Data Science consult with an external Industry Advisory Board that includes representatives from The Allen Institute, Amazon, Boeing, Facebook, The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Microsoft, Tableau and many other companies and organizations in the Seattle area, ensuring that the knowledge and skills you gain at SU are highly applicable to current industry trends.

Hear From Our Alumni

Fidan Aydamirova

“I grew as an individual and professional in the MSDS program. I learned to look at data science from different perspectives and better understand where data science can be applied, like my project working with the American Astronomical Society. Before, it was hard for me to raise my hand and answer a question, but now I am a leader.”

MSDS ‘23

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