Math Student Awards

While knowledge serves as its own reward, we believe extraordinary efforts deserve additional accolades.

Awards Await

Math students qualify for several awards that honor everything from enthusiasm to undergraduate research to academic achievements to sheer gumption. 

The Mirbagheri-Yandl Award for Achievement in Mathematics is presented to a graduating mathematics major whose achievement and enthusiasm for mathematics reflect the spirit of Ahmad Mirbagheri and Andre Yandl, two beloved Seattle University faculty members. The award was established in 2001. 

The Janet E. Mills Award for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics is given to the graduating mathematics major who has demonstrated inquisitiveness and intellectual independence in the pursuit of mathematical knowledge. Established in 2006, this award honors Dr. Mills, who served as chair of the Mathematics Department for 15 years and served Seattle University for 25 years.  

The Wynne Alexander Guy Pillar of the Mathematics Community Award is given in grateful acknowledgement to a graduating Seattle University student whose extraordinary contribution to the Mathematics Department always went above and beyond what was expected. Established in 2003, this award was named to honor beloved teacher Mrs. Guy, who performed extraordinary service to the Mathematics Department and Seattle University for 30 years.  

The John Ju Award honors the graduating senior in science or mathematics "who exudes the same profound joy and wonder at new ideas and curiosity to pursue the unknown, exhibited by John S. Ju." Established in 1990, this award honors the memory of John S. Ju, who received his chemistry degree from Seattle University in 1987.  

The President's Award is given as a symbol of outstanding achievement to the graduating senior who has maintained the highest scholarship throughout four years. Several mathematics majors have been honored by receiving this award.