Academic Standing

Good Standing – Undergraduate students are in good academic standing if they have a cumulative SU GPA of 2.00 or better. Graduate students must maintain a cumulative SU GPA of 3.00 or better.

Probation – Undergraduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences will be placed on probation when their cumulative SU GPA falls below 2.00. Graduate students will be placed on probation when their cumulative SU GPA falls below 3.00  and/or if they receive a grade of B- or lower in any of their classes.

Undergraduate students are required to meet the following conditions while on probation to remain enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences:

  • Students must carry a minimum of 10 credit hours and may not exceed a maximum of 15 credit hours. 
  • Students must earn a C or better in all courses. 
  • Students may not take Incompletes or Withdrawals without the written authorization of the Assistant Dean. 
  • All declared students must meet with an advisor in the Arts & Sciences Advising Center. 
  • All pre-major students must meet with an advisor in the Bellarmine Advising Center.

Dismissal –  Students who are dismissed from the College of Arts and Sciences can appeal their dismissal in writing within a designated period of time after their initial dismissal. These students are asked to provide a detailed explanation of the circumstances that prevented them from meeting the minimum requirements of their probation and description of what will be different if they are reinstated to the College.

Reinstatement – If an appeal is granted to a dismissed student, they are reinstated to the university. Most reinstated students are required to sign an academic contract outlining conditions of their reinstatement and their academic requirements for the following term.

Students may be subject to dismissal if their GPA for the term falls below a 2.00 for two consecutive terms of enrollment after going on probation. Dismissals automatically result in registration cancellation for the next quarter and a full refund of any advance tuition payment.  To be reinstated, a student must provide several quarters’ evidence of improved academic performance at another institution and obtain a reinstatement letter from the Assistant Dean.

For more information on the Academic Probation Dismissal and Appeal policy, please refer to the Office of the Registrar's Academic Policies page.

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