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Pre-Law Program

  • Welcome! The Pre-Law Program at Seattle University seeks to help students and alumni prepare for law school and legal careers through academic advising and programming. Students and alumni may work closely with a pre-law advisor to:

    • Participate in the discernment process of whether or not to go to law school
    • Create an academic plan that builds in courses that will help develop the necessary skills for law school
    • Explore resources that help with LSAT preparation
    • Develop a timeline and receive feedback during the law school application process

    Further, the Pre-Law Program offers a variety of educational opportunities throughout the year, including quarterly information sessions, admissions and career panels, and law school visits.

    The materials contained on this website are just one part of the Pre-Law Program. This information is a supplement to the primary component of face-to-face interaction. Students and alumni are encouraged to use this website as a place to do research, but to also consult a pre-law advisor in order to develop a successful strategy for gaining admission into law school.

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    Pre-Law Advisors:

    Dr. Kate Elias                        

    Katie Bates