Law Scholars Program

The Law Scholars Program is designed for highly capable students who are interested in attending Seattle University School of Law upon completion of their undergraduate studies. The program is available to incoming first-year students in the College of Arts and Sciences and the Albers School of Business.

Participation is only by invitation based upon students meeting the program's eligibility criteria.

In addition to specific coursework, Law Scholars have access to the services and activities of the School of Law and Pre-Law Advising, which is housed in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Law Scholars who successfully complete the program are given a presumption of admission into the School of Law. Law Scholars who enter the School of Law will receive consideration for merit scholarships.

Academic Program

Law Scholars participate in specific classes that provide a strong foundation for graduate legal studies. These include coursework in these areas: political theory, the foundations of the law, history, civics and government, economics, logic, and ethics. In keeping with the mission of Seattle University, Law Scholars explore the values underlying the law and critically examine the American legal system and issues of social justice. Learn more.


Dr. Elias, Pre-Law Advisor, provides individualized advising to all Law Scholars. In addition, the she is responsible for overseeing the student’s introduction to the School of Law.

School of Law Activities

Law Scholars will receive invitations to receptions, lectures, workshops, and law-related activities. Students may conduct volunteer work through the School of Law’s Access to Justice Institute.

Pre-Law Program Activities

Law Scholars have access to the services provided by the university’s Pre-Law Program, administered in the College of Arts and Sciences.

  • Pre-Law Student Association: a student club that organizes social and academic activities, including community service projects, field trips to local law schools, discussions and debates of contemporary issues relating to law and politics, movies, and about the law school application process.
  • LSAT/LSDAS services: Registration materials, advice, and information about LSAT preparation.
  • Law school preparation: Advice and information about Pre-Law coursework, the law school application process, and law schools; on-campus interviews with law school representatives.
  • Presentations: On-campus speakers on issues of specific interest to Pre-Law students.


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