Academic Advising Requirements

The College of Arts and Sciences employs a shared advising model utilizing faculty advisors located in academic departments and professional academic advisors located in the ASAC.

 The mission of academic advising in the College of Arts and Sciences is to help students plan their educational path, take full advantage of the academic and co-curricular programs of the university, and develop strong personal connections with the university community.

Academic Advising Requirements

All Arts and Sciences students have an assigned academic advisor who is either located in their major department/program or in the Arts & Sciences Advising Center. Academic advising requirements vary by department and major. However, the college adheres to the following academic advising requirements:

  • First-year and transfer undergraduate students will meet with a professional advisor prior to their first quarter at SU. Prior to registration for the remainder of the year, all new undergraduate students will meet with their assigned academic advisor 1-on-1. Advising holds will be placed on each student account to enforce the requirement.
  • Graduate students will be assigned an academic advisor in the degree department.
  • All students will meet with their academic advisors at least once per year.
  • Each student will discuss a course plan with an advisor upon entering the new major.

Your academic advisor can be an important resource and mentor through your time at Seattle University. Unsure of who your academic advisor is?  



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