Academic Alerts and Hardship Withdrawals

Academic Alerts 

Seattle University utilizes an early warning system that is designed to connect struggling students with faculty, advisors, and campus resources. Faculty submit academic alerts or submit progress checks through a software program called Starfish. These alerts are normally for students who are not regularly attending classes, are struggling with assignments and tests, or are experiencing urgent personal concerns or issues.  If you are issued an academic alert, you will receive email notification from Starfish which will include specific instructions from your faculty. You may also have additional follow up from an advisor in the Arts & Sciences Advising Center. All of these prompts are designed to  connect you with your academic advisor and the faculty member who issued the academic alert. Learn more about the program by logging into SU Online and selecting Starfish from the "Academic Interactions" section of the student menu. 

Hardship Withdrawal 

After the withdrawal deadline, withdrawal status from classes will only be approved in the case of hardship. A Hardship Withdrawal is granted by the Assistant Dean for Student Academic Support, only for reasons relating to death of a family member, catastrophic illness in the family, or an illness and/or an injury to the student. Hardship Withdrawals may be granted for any number of classes in a quarter. In addition, students granted a Hardship Withdrawal may be required to take additional action before being allowed to re-enroll in a following term.

In order to be eligible for a Hardship Withdrawal students must complete the following steps:

  • Request and complete a Hardship Withdrawal Request form. This form can be obtained from the Office of the Registrar or the Arts and Sciences Dean's Office (Casey 110). Students should complete the form through the student signature section.
  • Submit a Health Care Statement. This form can be obtained from the Office of the Registrar or the Arts and Sciences Dean's Office (Casey 110). Page 1 of this document is required and is your authorization for your health care provider to relay information about your medical situation. Page 2 is optional; a letter from your doctor’s office on letterhead is acceptable as a substitute.
  • Email your professors notifying them of your intent to request a Hardship Withdrawal. CC your academic advisor and your student financial services counselor on the email.
  • If you are living in a residence hall, please notify your RA or the Housing office staff of your intent to request a Hardship Withdrawal.

For more information about the university's Hardship Withdrawal policy and process - including information regarding tuition refunds - please read more here or refer to the Office of the Registrar's Academic Policies page.

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