Registration Questions

Registration Resources

There are many resources that can help you before and during your registration period.

  • Your Advisor – If you are having problems registering, contact your academic or faculty advisor. Stop by your advisor's office hours or send them a quick email.  
  • The Arts & Sciences Advising Center – You can always visit the ASAC for help and assistance during drop-in hours Monday through Friday.
  • Video: How to Register – Watch this helpful video illustrating how to search and register for classes on SU Online. This step-by-step guide walks you through the details of SU Online, how to locate classes, register/add classes, drop/withdraw classes, and view your class schedule.
  • SU Online – Use this online platform to search for annual course offerings and add or drop classes.
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Course Catalog – The Catalog contains information regarding all academic requirements and course descriptions for SU programs. Be sure to follow the degree requirements of the Catalog for the year you first enrolled at SU or the year you changed your major. To determine which Catalog year to follow, review the academic program line of your Program Evaluation on SU Online. Older versions of the undergraduate and graduate course catalog can be found under Archived Catalogs.
  • SU Academic Calendar – Check the SU Academic Calendar to stay on top of important quarterly advising and registration dates, as well as important add/drop/withdrawal dates for the current academic year. 

Common Registration Questions

Registration Time

How do I find out when I can register? Approximately 2 weeks prior to the scheduled advising period each quarter, you will be notified by the Registrar via SU email that your registration time is available for you to see on SU Online

How does my registration time work? Your registration time is the earliest possible time in which you can officially sign up for the courses you will take in the coming quarter. Your registration access continues until registration for the coming quarter is closed, but the longer you wait to register, the more difficult it will be to get the classes you want. Registration times are assigned to all students based on their number of earned credits.

How do I view my registration time? Log on to SU Online. On the Student menu under the category "Registration," select "Registration Appointment Time." You can always access SUOnline from the MySU page.

Registration Holds

Why do I have a registration hold? If you have any outstanding university obligations that you haven't met, an office may restrict your registration by placing a hold on your access. For example, freshman students are required to meet with an advisor each quarter of their first year before they register. Only their advisor can remove the hold after they have met with the student.

How do I know if I have a registration hold? Log on to SU Online. On the Student menu under the category "Registration," select "Check Holds." In order to have the hold removed, follow the instructions under the "Check Holds" page, or go to the office that placed the hold and address the pending issue.  

Common registration holds may require you to:

  • See your advisor located in the ASAC or in your academic department.  
  • Pay your parking tickets through Campus Safety and Transportation.
  • Pay your tuition, fees, and bills at Student Financial Services.
  • Pay your library fees at the Lemieux Library.
  • Read and submit your meningitis notification through the Student Health Center.
  • Provide proof of health insurance coverage, or select health insurance coverage through the Student Health Center.
  • Provide proof of required immunizations to the Student Health Center.
  • Provide an official transcript from a previous school to the Office of Admissions.

NOTE: Departments and offices cannot remove holds that have been placed by other departments or offices. Only the issuing department can remove the hold.

Closed Classes

What if the class I want is closed? If a class is closed on SU Online, you may be able to get on the waitlist or be added to the class later. To find out if you can get into a closed class, follow the procedures in this document: How Do I Get Into A Closed Class? For more information on closed classes, contact the Arts and Sciences Advising Center.

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