Find Your Academic Advisor

You can locate the name and contact information of your assigned academic advisor by logging into SU Online, visiting your major department, or coming by the Arts and Sciences Advising Center. Below is a step-by-step guide to identifying your academic advisor in SU Online.

Check SU Online

  • Log into SU Online
  • Select the Student Menu
  • Select “My Profile” under the Academic Profile section
  • Your advisor’s name will be listed in the “Academic Information” area
  • You can find his/her email, phone number, and location in the Online Faculty/Staff Directory  

What if I have more than one major?

Undergraduate students with more than one major often have more than one assigned advisor. Students need to contact both advisors prior to registration periods and follow academic advising requirements for each department/program. Both names should be listed on SU Online.

What if I recently switched my major?

Undergraduate students who recently submitted a change of major form to the Office of the Registrar should note that it may take 2-3 weeks to be processed. Once it has been submitted and your academic advisor has changed, you will be notified with an automatic email to your SU email account with the contact information of your new advisor.

If you require academic advising assistance before your change of major form is processed, stop by the Arts and Sciences Advising Center.




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