Pigott Family Endowment for the Arts

The Pigott Family Endowment for the Arts is dedicated to deepening the education experience of students by bringing internationally renowned artists to campus. The endowment provides educational and artistic experiences for students and faculty as well as for the general public.

Each year the endowment sponsors major programming in one area of the fine arts (theatre, music, art, or art history) on a rotating basis, while also supporting smaller on-going programming in other areas. Students benefit from direct interaction with the visiting artists and participation in programs and events.


During the 2014-15 academic year, funds from the Pigott Endowment for the Arts are supporting outstanding visiting artists in theatre and music.

  • Shakespeare maven Scott Kaiser, longtime member of the artistic staff at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, joins the Theatre faculty to direct his new play, Love's Labor's Lost, during the Fall quarter.

Summary of Activities


  • Friedhelm Mennekes held a residency in the Fine Arts Department during the Spring Quarter.
  • Jeffry Mitchell will be the Seattle University Artist in Residence (SUVAIR) in the Fall Quarter of 2013.
  • Students participated in a weekend-long trip to Los Angeles for a tour of some of the city’s legendary art museums. Air fares, hotel, ground transportation and museum fees will be covered by the endowment. Two faculty members prepared and chaperoned the tour and provided learning opportunities and contextualization throughout the trip.
  • A professional choreographer worked with students on the production of Charles Mee’s Big Love.


  • The music division hosted a public lecture with Angela Beeching.
  • Rajan Krishnaswami, Mark Salman, Indra Thomas, Melissa Parks, and the Miro Quartet performed concerts on the SU Campus.
  • The theatre division had guest artist Miriam Goodman-Miller as the milliner for the spring production of Fefu and Her Friends.
  • Mary Ann Peters was the Seattle University Artist in Residence (SUVAIR) for the visual art division. 
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