Connecting Students with Faculty and Staff

SEC Representative Responsibilities

Meets consistently with their department head, develops a good working relationship, and asks if there are:

  • Departmental meetings they can attend
  • Updates they should know about and share with students
  • Tasks or projects that they can help with

Connects with the students in their department:

  • Introduces themselves through the department email list serve
  • Holds bi-weekly or monthly hangout sessions for students
  • Provides students department specific resources

Supports SEC events and outreach:

  • Works on department social media pages and actively shares events
  • Takes on tasks concerning outreach or advertising
  • Learns what other departments are doing and think about integrating ideas into their own department
  • Shares event ideas that they would like to see and what those would look like
  • Looks for ways to build connections between SEC and other student organizations

Supports department staff and faculty

  • Helps faculty adjust their courses for online learning
  • Helps communicate between faculty and students about courses and their resources
  • Serves as a point of contact for student or faculty concerns about intersectional issues inside and outside of the classroom

IF you have more questions, reach out to your co-chairs.

Application Deadline

Applications were due May 20, 2023, 4 p.m. and have now closed