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Your gifts to the College of Arts & Sciences Dean’s Fund for Excellence helped support:

  • Anina Walas Student Project: Is the Character even Human?: A Cosplayer’s Concepts of Gender Attributes and Gender-play
  • Katie Smith Student Project: One Life Left: How to Reboot Games For Social Change
  • Communication Chair Christopher A. Paul Faculty Project: Rethinking Meritocracy: How Rhetorical Analysis Helps Reshape Game Design
  • Theology and Religious Studies Professor Jeanette Rodriguez and History major Lauren Ermacoff: Haudenosaunee Woman’s Worldview
  • Anthropology Professor Tanya Hayes and Environmental Studies major Sarah McHugh. This faculty/student team are in Ecuador conducting an assessment of the social and ecological impacts of forest conservation in the Andes
  • Criminal Justice Professor Stephen Rice and Criminal Justice major Farrah Fanara. This faculty/student team are analyzing final statements of Texas death row inmates.
  • International Studies Professor Tom Taylor and International Studies major Gabrielle Porter. This faculty/student team are researching cross-cultural experiences expressed in journals written by European bicyclists traveling through Asia in the late nineteenth century.
  • Saheed Adejumobi, Gary Perry, Rose Ernst, and Femi Taiwo as they launched Africa Day. Africa Day brought students 6-12 grade to campus to engage with current SU students around topics about foreign aid, community, and the importance of a changing narrative.

How to Give

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Corporate Gift Matching

Does your company match the gifts you make? Ask your Human Resources Department for more information and increase the impact of your gift.

Gifts in Honor of and in Memory of

The College of Arts and Sciences has always welcomed gifts and contributions dedicated to specific individuals. For more information on the ways in which we can help to tailor such contributions towards your specific wishes, please contact Katie Chapman, Director of Development, at (206) 398-4401 or email him at