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Assistant Professor Roxy Hornbeck talks about the focus of the MFA program.

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Claudia Bach, Katy Hannigan and logo

Katy Hannigan, MFA '17

Alum Katy Hannigan and Claudia Bach, Arts Leadership faculty, conducted research for the CERF+ Artist Readiness Project.

Samantha Anderson with painted wall in background

Samantha Anderson, MFA '22

Having grown up as a singer, performer, and lover of theatre, after four years at Oklahoma State University, Samantha decided to completely change her career path to reflect her passion and desire to advocate for the arts. 

photo of Adetola Abatan with a collage of a woman underwater with sheet music wrapping around her

Adetola Abatan, MFA '22

She is a chemical engineer who recently rediscovered her artistic side as a collage artist. She primarily works with paper and fabric to explore ideas of being, becoming and belonging.


Shannon Welles, MFA '19

Shannon found herself at the table with political representatives, fellow employees, community leaders, and musicians to organize preservation of the Showbox, one of Seattle's historic music venues.

Photo of Andrés Arteaga painting

Andrés Arteaga,’19

Born and raised in the barrios of Los Angeles, Andrés Arteaga informally practiced art, dance and writing as a means to dream, hope and survive.

Leah St Lawrence wearing virtual reality headset with blue background

Leah St Lawrence, MFA '22

Leah is an art critic, new media curator, NewHive advocate, and chair enthusiast. St. Lawrence writes about and curates contemporary new media, digital interaction, and online engagement—specifically related to political/social/LGBTQI issues. 

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Welcome to our aerial tour of the campus and surrounding neighborhoods.

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