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Seattle University offers social justice focused, community-based advanced clinical social work education.

Social Justice Statement

Program Options

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2-Year MSW

A full-time, cohort-based, social justice-focused MSW program. 

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Advanced Standing MSW

For applicants who have an undergraduate degree in social work or social welfare. 

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Learn about practicum details and requirements for both MSW program options. 

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Sub-Specialization Opportunities

Learn about sub-specialization opportunities for both MSW program options. 

MSW Events and Info Sessions

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Council on Social Work Education

Contact Us

  • Mary Kay Brennan, DSW, LICSW

    Interim Chair, Social Work

    Interim Director, Master of Social Work

  • Estella Williamson, DSW, MSW, ACSW

    Field Director and Clinical Professor, Social Work

  • Katie Hoag

    Program Coordinator, Master of Social Work

  • Anna McCain

    Administrative Assistant, Social Work

Social Work Faculty Reading List


Check out our Seattle U Social Work Faculty Reading List; each selection has impacted our faculty members in their social work careers. 

Kevin Skiena (MSW, 2020) answers the question: "Why did you choose Seattle University for your MSW education?"

Welcoming a New School Year

SU campus in the fall

It is finally fall and students are back on campus at Seattle University. Being on campus can be confusing, especially if you are new to the school. I have compiled a list of things that may be helpful to a newcomer or students who haven’t had a chance to explore the area yet.
Sep 28, 2021

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Pandemic Problems

Student sitting on a brick wall wearing an SU mask

Moving can be quite stressful but try moving to a new state to start graduate school during a pandemic. To say that I underestimated how big of a change I was making, would be accurate.
Aug 25, 2021

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Back to School: Social Workers Help Students, Families, Teachers Adjust After COVID

A sea of laptops and masks swirls around a student who is trying to pull themselves up out of the mess with a rope

COVID has created a wave of hiring for school social workers, who not only have needed to help locate missing students but also help all students get resources to regain momentum—both developmentally and academically—and to get them mental health services and grief counseling if needed. But many school social workers see the problems of the “lost year” as a larger opportunity to make schools more welcoming and less punitive so students and school communities can thrive.
Oct 14, 2021

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Upcoming Events and Grad Fairs

Meet the MSW Directors. Dr. Estella Williamson, DSW, Field Director, Clinical Professor | Dr. Mary Kay Brennan, DSW, MSW, LICSW, MSW Director, Clinical Professor, Social Work Chair

Check out these upcoming grad fairs and MSW events!
Sep 27, 2021

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