Membership and Member Services

Why Join NAWCHE?

NAWCHE is made up of faculty, administrators, staff, and students from Catholic colleges and universities.

NAWCHE works to connect women studies departments at Catholic colleges and universities with other women's studies programs to facilitate support, networking opportunities to share ideas, gain new insights, and build solidarity.

NAWCHE publishes a quarterly newsletter that highlights women's study programs from colleges and universities across the US. It is a great opportunity to share accomplishments, and learn new ideas for your own programs.

NAWCHE works to bring in speakers to its main campus, Boston College, but shares those contacts to facilitate speakers at other campuses.

NAWCHE puts on a conference every two years, "Making Connections". Colleges and Universities from across the nation join together to share stories, papers, and work to further women's studies programs.

NAWCHE is great place to announce book publications.

NAWCHE is a great resource to announce job openings, and well as look for job openings.

NAWCHE provides many resources including Mentoring Relationships: A Guide and Activism in Academia to name a few.

Institutional Memberships

Encourage your institution to support NAWCHE. Beginning this year, with an institutional membership, all faculty, administrators, staff, and students at your college or university will receive a free individual membership. NAWCHE institutional sponsorship helps to defray the costs of our publications, office staff, and correspondence. It also enables us to invite nationally known, cutting edge, and engaging speakers to our biannual symposiums, subsidize symposium registration fees, and offer symposium sponsorship to students. In addition, each institutional contact receives copies of our Making Connections VII Abstract Collection, and the Women's Studies Guide published by NAWCHE.

The prices for institutional memberships are based on total student enrollment as follows:

less than 2000: $250
2001-3000: $350
over 3000: $500

Individual Memberships
Individuals at non-institutional members pay the following:

Student: $15
Faculty/Administrator: $40

The support and sponsorship we receive from members is vital to NAWCHE's subsistence. A one year membership (both individual and institutional) spans the academic year from September to September. Membership fees that

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