Scholastic Competition

Have a favorite piece of academic writing or visual art piece?

Submit it to the Student Executive Council’s annual scholarship competition

Open to all undergraduates in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Selected students receive a $250 cash prize and are recognized at the A&S Awards Ceremony in June.

Details for the Scholastic Competition process are published each spring quarter.

Submissions for 2023 are now closed.

General Guidelines

  • Original academic work compliant with Seattle University Academic Honesty Policies.
  • All work should cite sources in the format appropriate to the discipline (e.g. Psychology according to APA, English according to MLA and History according to Chicago.)
  • Submitted work must be in a discipline/department of the College of Arts and Sciences. Work does not have to be within the student's major and can be on any topic.
  • All undergraduate students with at least one major or minor in the College of Arts and Sciences are eligible to submit. Student Executive Council members are not eligible.
  • Students are encouraged to consult professors or visit the Writing Center in preparing their work for submission.
  • Only one submission per category.

Judging Panel

A panel of judges including two to three professors (one from each disciplinary category) and one student judge from the Student Executive Council will choose the top three works and possibly honorable mentions. The judging panel will meet during the judging period, after reading or reviewing all submissions.

Category Criteria

The categories for the competition are listed below with the appropriate division per discipline. However, acknowledging interdisciplinary work, discretion for category submission is left to the student. This especially applies to students with submissions in Environmental Studies, Global African Studies, Journalism, Latin American Studies, Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies, Women Studies, Modern Languages and Cultures, International Studies, and Asian Studies.