Internship for Credit Information

If you are wondering if you can earn credit for your internship, read on.

Earning credit for an internship is independent of receiving a paycheck at the internship site.

Make sure to read our helpful resources to finding an internship.

It is possible to earn SU credit for internships. A few guidelines apply:

  • As a rule of thumb, academic credit for internships is granted for students who have completed some of the coursework  in their major. This allows you to apply theory to practice and have a richer academic and professional experience. 
  • Typically, first-year and sophomore students do not earn academic credit for internship. However, we encourage your participation in internships and other skill building experiences. The more the better.

Is an internship required in your major?

  • Visit the internship page of your department's website for specific instructions
  • Determine who is the Faculty Internship Director for your department. The Faculty Internship Director is who you will work with to apply for the credit.
    • Don't know who this is? Just ask!

If internship credit is not required in your major/minor: 

  • Speak with your major/minor department to see if you can use internship credit to satisfy major/minor electives.
No matter what, internship for credit may be used towards General Electives.


Registering for Academic Credit with Your Internship

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