In Teaching, Learning, and Social Justice 


"By being a teacher and showing my face every day, it challenges the status quo,” Chavez says. “I wonder how many of my students here have a teacher whose parents come from Mexico. It’s important that all students see that we can make it."

Danny Chavez, Master in Teaching

Daniel Chavez


“Math is a tool. It teaches us how to persevere, how to have a goal and look at the process. As teachers, our process is not just to teach content, but to teach our students to be people as well.”

Zenaida Olivas, Master in Teaching

Zenaida Olivas


in Leadership and Professional Studies


“I know through my life experience that equity, access and opportunity are greatly needed for students—particularly those from underprivileged backgrounds—in their college and career discernment process.”

Lakeisha Jackson, Student Development Administration

Lakeisha Jackson


“Through education you can create opportunity.”

Jill Wakefield, Educational Leadership

Jill Wakefield