Seattle University Undergraduate Research Journal (SUURJ)

Written by Karen L. Bystrom
June 3, 2022

Congratulations to the student researchers and editors featured in this year’s issue. Read it here.

Cover of the journalCore and University Honors Writing

  • “Feminism and the Mexican Revolution.” Claire Andrews
  • “Climate Refugees Are Refugees and Deserve UN Recognition.” Afrikaan Sahra
  • “Black Maternal Mortality in the US.” Kelemua Tesfaye

Short Communications

  • “Descartes’ Dualism and Its Influence on Our Medical System.” Jordyn Correll

Full-Length Research Articles

  • “The Influence of Social Capital on Drought-Caused Climate Change: LowIncome Farmer Adaptation.” Alex Chapman
  • “Female Saints and the Performance of Virginity in the Medieval Period.” Katherine Howard
  • “Future Peak Streamflow Analytics for the Skagit River.” Ruby Polani Ranoa
  • “Esther, the Christian Queen of Persia: Godly Queene Hester (1529) and the Appropriation of Jewish Narratives on the Tudor Stage.” Adina Van Etten
  • “Parasite Hospitality: How Parasitic Helminth Worms Help Researchers Prevent Type 1 Diabetes.” Brooke I. Wynalda

Chief Faculty Editors

  • Tara Roth
  • Hannah Tracy


  • Caleb Hou

Student Editors


  • Nicole Beauvais
  • Brigid Conroy
  • Joanna Labot Corpuz
  • Melat Ermyas
  • Lily Kamālamalama
  • Jack Kuyper
  • Stephen Leach
  • Lainey Ragsdale
  • Lee Sasaki
  • Sareena Toothaker
  • Edward Voloshin


  • Kimberly Diaz

Faculty Content Editors

  • Nathan Colaner
  • Lyn Gualtieri
  • Brett Kaiser
  • Kate Koppelman
  • Marc McLeod
  • Allison Meyer
  • Janice Moskalik
  • Elise Murowchick
  • Felipe Murtinho
  • Jason Wirth

Faculty Advisory Board

  • Marc Cohen
  • Rochelle Lundy
  • Andrea Verdan
  • Felipe Murtinho

Administrative Support

  • Shawn Bell