Ted N. Fortier, PhD

PhD, Anthropology

Associate Professor, Anthropology and Sociology

Phone: 206-296-5385

Building/Room: Casey 310-10

Theodore Fortier CV (PDF)

Teaching and Research Interests

  • Anthropology of Native America
  • Human Rights and Indigenous issues
  • Psychological Anthropology
  • Religion and Shamanism
  • Cultural memory
  • Epistemology
  • Culture Change

Key Publications

  • Fortier, Ted. "The Death that Brings Life: Reclaiming Indigenous Identity among the Coeur d'Alene Indians." Elohi: Indigenous People and the Environment. University of Bordeaux (2012): 21-36.
  • Fortier, Teel. "No One Eats the Fish Anymore: Tribal Reclamation of the Silver Valley." Idaho. Impact. Vol 14, no. 2 (2012): 10-12.
  • Fotiier, Ted and Jeanette Rodriguez. Cultural Memory: Religion, Resistance and Identity. Univ. Texas, 2007.
  • Fortier, Teel. Religion and Resistance in the Encounter between Jesuit Missionaries and Coeur d'Alene Indians on the Columbia Plateau Mellen Press, 2002
  • Fortier, Teel. ''Shamanism,'' "Creationism," and "Medicine Men," Encyclopedia of Anthropology, Sage Publications, 2006
  • Fortier, Ted. "Post-Modern Art and the Religious Imagination" commentary and book for the Tacoma Ati Museum, July, 1999
  • Fortier, Ted. "Coeur d'Alene Spirituality and Survival," Proceedings of the First Native American Studies Conference, University Press of the University of Idaho, 19


Director of Canadian Studies