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Latest syllabus template

About the template

At the request of the Academic Assembly, the Center for Faculty Development has been maintaining a course syllabus template since 2013, incorporating all elements required by Academic Assembly and state or federal law.

Typically, we revise the template once per year, where we verify the latest wording from key centers and offices on campus, double-check all links, and so on. 

With the switch to remote learning in Spring 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many more revisions have been necessary, as policies and practices have evolved.

Navigating this page

In the first drop-down box above, you will find our latest revised syllabus template for remote learning, including guidance based on the higher education research and SU faculty members' own experiences.

In drop-down boxes below, we list revisions in reverse chronological order, along with revision dates so that you can quickly check whether your syllabi have the latest information – without having to start from scratch. 

A note about ADA compliance

In summer 2020, we revised the template to meet ADA regulations around accessibility – with generous help and guidance from Liz Wick in the Albers School of Business and Economics. Please be sure to check your syllabi for any accessibility issues before you distribute them. Guidance on this is provided at the start of the syllabus template.

If you have questions about any of these revisions, please contact us at

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