Ignatian Pedagogy Series

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In the Ignatian Pedagogy Series, participating faculty will form themselves more deeply in the connections between present-day research into student learning in higher education and the 450 year-old Ignatian pedagogical tradition.

Through a series of workshops, coupled with short readings, follow-up class activities, and short reflections, participating faculty will learn how Ignatian Pedagogy aligns with current research into student learning and how best to apply it to teaching their own disciplines.

Each of these Ignatian Pedagogy Series is co-sponsored and typically co-facilitated by the Center for Jesuit Education.

Who is this for?

These series are open to all SU faculty who are:

  1. Teaching during the quarter in which they participate so that they are able to put ideas into practice in real time.
  2. Available and willing to attend on all scheduled dates.

Each module has 20–24 places available. Participants will be allowed to register for more than one module in a year, but are not required to complete all modules on offer.

Why participate?

Each module in the series helps you:

  • Suffuse your classes with Ignatian pedagogical practices that are supported by research findings on effective learning.
  • Articulate to your students the Ignatian underpinning of your approaches to learning and teaching.
  • Build a supportive learning community of peers for sharing experiences, practices, and resources to enhance our students’ learning.

Active learning

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As a participant in this module of the Ignatian Pedagogy Series, you will:

  • Explore how active learning is supported both in higher education literature and in Ignatian Pedagogy.
  • Experiment with a range of active learning approaches as both a student and a teacher.
  • Examine active learning as a vehicle for transformative learning.
  • Reflect on the experience of new active learning strategies.
  • Develop concrete plans to embed active learning strategies in future courses.

Reflective Practice

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As a participant in this module of the Ignatian Pedagogy Series, you will

  • Discover why reflection is an integral part of Ignatian pedagogy
  • Explore models for thinking about reflective practice, both as an instructor and in your students' learning
  • Learn ways to use reflection for multiple purposes
  • Consider methods of effectively assessing reflection

Inclusive pedagogies

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This Inclusive Pedagogies module particularly connects with both Context and Experience in the Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm.

As a participant in this module of the Ignatian Pedagogy Series, you will

  • Explore what the higher education literature and Ignatian pedagogical principles teach us about inclusive pedagogies, with a clear focus on racial equity.
  • Reflect on the interplay between the personal and the structural as they relate to racial justice.
  • Consider how the social identities of both faculty and students shape classroom experiences.
  • Examine your disciplines’ sometimes surprising connections with racial in/justice.
  • Examine inclusive pedagogies as a vehicle for transformative learning.
  • Develop concrete plans to embed transparently inclusive pedagogies in future courses

Whole-person education

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Both staff and faculty are educators of Seattle University students. As a participant in this module of the Ignatian Pedagogy Series, you will

  • Develop common language that enables all community members to see themselves as educators who contribute to the university’s mission.
  • Explore the “evaluation” element of Ignatian pedagogy and discover why it is integral to whole person education.
  • Practice using tools designed to track and reflect on holistic growth in students’ and educators’ attitudes, priorities, and actions.
  • Build community and connections with staff and faculty colleagues who are engaged in activities to support holistic student growth and development; share resources and ideas with colleagues.