Ignatian Pedagogy Series

Ignatian Pedagogy Series

What is the Ignatian Pedagogy Series?

In the Ignatian Pedagogy Series, participating faculty will form themselves more deeply in the connections between present-day research into student learning in higher education and the 450 year-old Ignatian pedagogical tradition. Through a series of workshops, coupled with short readings, follow-up class activities, and short reflection assignments, participating faculty will learn how Ignatian Pedagogy aligns with current research into student learning and how best to apply it to teaching their own disciplines.

In Winter and Spring Quarters, a group of up to 15 faculty members will participate in a three-session module on a specific theme related to Ignatian Pedagogy.

The modules for 2019/20 are:

     Fall: Reflective Practice

     Winter: Inclusive Pedagogies

Who is this for?

The series is open to all SU faculty who are:

  1. teaching during the quarter in which they participate so that they are able to put ideas into practice in real time.
  2. Available and willing to attend on all three scheduled dates.

Each module has 15 places available. Participants will be allowed to apply for more than one module in a year, but are not required to complete all modules on offer.

What’s in it for you?

Each module in the series helps you:

  • Suffuse your classes with Ignatian pedagogical practices that are supported by research findings on effective learning.
  • Articulate to your students the Ignatian underpinning of your approaches to learning and teaching.
  • Build a supportive learning community of peers for sharing experiences, practices, and resources to enhance our students’ learning.

Participants will also receive a stipend of $100 on completion of a module.

Fall 2019

Ignatian Pedagogy Series II: Reflective practice

As a participant in this module of the Ignatian Pedagogy Series, you will

  • Discover why reflection is an integral part of Ignatian pedagogy
  • Explore models for thinking about reflective practice, both as an instructor and in your students’ learning
  • Learn ways to use reflection for multiple purposes
  • Consider methods of effectively assessing reflection

What are the dates?

It’s important that participants attend all three sessions in the series and complete two short written assignments between sessions:

  • Monday, October 14 | 11:00–2:00 | Hunthausen 110
  • Monday, November 4 | 11:00–2:00 | Hunthausen 110
  • Monday, November 25 | 11:00–2:00 | Hunthausen 110

Lunch is provided at each session, with support from the Endowed Mission Fund.

Who is facilitating the module?

The entire series is co-directed by David Green of the Center for Faculty Development and Jen Tilghman-Havens of the Center for Jesuit Education. They are atheist and Catholic, respectively, and both share a passion for this transformative educational approach.

Joining them in this series is Jen Schulz (Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies), with further contributions from faculty from across campus.

How do I apply?

Twenty spaces are available.

To apply, please complete the application form at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SUcetl19FQIPS-RP by noon on Tuesday, October 1.

We will notify all applicants of their participation by Friday, October 4.

Please be sure to block off the three sessions in your calendar when you apply so that you are definitely available.

What if I have questions?

If you have any questions about the Ignatian Pedagogy Series, please email faculty-development@seattleu.edu or call David Green (206-296-5386) or Jen Tilghman-Havens (206-296-2335).