Current Events

A abstract red sculpture against a gray sky

One of our goals as a Center is to engage SU faculty in conversation around the deeper questions of academic practice, based on national and international research into higher education. Events are open to ALL SU faculty.

Image of a small green seedling, with one yellowed leaf

Image of the cover of bell hooks book Teaching to Transgress

A wall of windows on a building

A light covered in a concentric grid

Image of desk covered in Legos

An image of a Chihuly glass sculpture resembling flames

A round pomegranate, cut in half.

An image of two freshly sharpened pencils next to a blank page

Image of a green Möbius strip

Image of sculpture consisting of multiple hands raised toward a blue sky

A cup full of colored pencils, arranged in a circle

Image of a cluster of game pieces with one set apart from the others

Coming up in Spring 2022

Picture of differently shaped lightbulbs lit up in the darkness