Current Events

One of our goals as a Center is to engage SU faculty in conversation around the deeper questions of academic practice, based on national and international research into higher education. Events are open to ALL SU faculty.

If you're on campus, download and print out our 20FQ What's happening flyer to post on your door or wall.  

20FQ Holding space for current events - image of a newspaper on fire

20FQ Affinity group for tenure-track faculty of color - image of constellation

20FQ Coping with COVID - image of a flower growing amongst rocks

Image of book jacket for Nonviolent communication, on a purple background

20FQ Many roads travelled - image of a traffic circle with roads branching off in all directions

20FQ Affinity group for faculty parents - image of childrens toys and scholarly paper with childs drawing on it

Picture of differently shaped lightbulbs lit up in the darkness

20FQ Writing rocks - image of many rounded stones

20FQ Connecting class content to what matters - image of an SU student helping a child in a classroom