Current Events

19FQ Current events - rainbow of leaves from green to brown

We have plenty of events planned for the 2019-20 academic year, and information will gradually appear here before the start of Fall Quarter. Watch this space!

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19FQ Race Talk - book cover

19FQ FLC Dept chair as diversity leader

Chair community of practice - row of chairs in different colours

Old typewriter - Mid-career faculty writing groups

19FQ Pomodoro Technique

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19FQ Assignment design - best practices from the HE literature

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Winding metal sculpture where ends do not quite meet

Schoolchild laughing with SU student

Coming up in Winter 2020

Picture of silver birch trees

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Row of chairs in different colors

Old typewriter with paper

Book cover for How Learning Works

Image of stack of newspapers

Disparate lines coming together like on a subway map

Image of water in swimming pool