Research Practice

Research practice

What do we mean by "research practice?"

"Research practice" refers to the process of conducting and publishing research, rather than to the topic of the research. The Center for Faculty Development helps faculty think through their strategies and approaches to conducting and writing up their research; in line with the Center's research-based approached to our work, we use the growing "research on research" to focus on such areas as:

  • Developing and maintaining a writing habit
  • Time management for completing research
  • Targeting journals and publishers
  • Working with editors and responding to reviewers' comments

How do we support research practice?

Our support for SU faculty members' research practice includes the following activities:

In addition, the Center for Faculty Development funds an institutional membership to the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD) that provides a further array of support to help faculty boost their scholarly productivity while improving their life-work balance.

We have also launched FAQNet to enable SU faculty to connect with one another on various topics. One section of FAQNet is devoted to a wide range of specific areas relating to research, scholarship, and writing. FAQNet requires you to use your SU ID and login to access colleagues' contact information.

From 2008–2013, we also ran an annual Writing Retreat for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). As funding allows, we may run another writing retreat in the future. Keep an eye on our current events to find out what is currently on offer.