Professional Development

Professional development

What do we mean by "professional development?"

"Professional Development" refers to promoting and supporting faculty in becoming more effective in their roles, with a particular emphasis on faculty in leadership positions. The Center for Faculty Development draws on relevant research to identify and share appropriate strategies for meaningful professional progress and liaises with campus administrators and offices to ensure best use of resources and expertise. The Center's professional development activities facilitate:

  • Interactive and interdisciplinary engagement
  • Programs for faculty in transitional positions (e.g. new faculty, new chairs/directors)
  • Creation of campus community support networks

How do we support professional development?

Our work for SU faculty members' professional development includes the following activities:

In addition, the Center for Faculty Development funds an institutional membership to the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD) that provides a further array of support to help faculty with professional development opportunities while improving their life-work balance.

We also have launched FAQNet to enable SU faculty to connect with one another on various topics. FAQNet has one section that is devoted to a wide range of specific areas relating to leadership and administration and another devoted to professional service. FAQNet requires you to use your SU ID and login to access colleagues' contact information.