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Center for Faculty Development

We promote the holistic professional formation of all SU faculty through a scholarly and interdisciplinary approach to learning and teaching, research practice, and professional development.

Holistic faculty development For all Seattle University faculty

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Learning and teaching

Workshops, consultations, candid conversations, Ignatian Pedagogy Series, learning communities, classroom observations, panels, mid-term check-ins, and more


Research practice

Faculty "writing" groups, consultations, workshops, learning communities, panels, research reboots, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

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Professional development

Workshops, consultations, Chairs' Community of Practice, learning communities, affinity groups, NCFDD, New Faculty Institute, Faculty Leader Series, and more

How we work with faculty

Following national ethical guidelines, our work with faculty is:

Faculty come to the Center for Faculty Development because they want to—not because they are under duress. If a colleague "strongly suggests" that someone consult with the Center, that person is under no obligation to do so (by agreement with the Provost's Office). Because all our consultations are confidential, we will not divulge—not even to department chairs, deans, or members of the Provost’s Office—who has or hasn’t worked with us. 

Our role is to support faculty in thinking about the various facets of their work, whether as educators, scholars, colleagues, or leaders. We offer suggestions and ideas. The Center for Faculty Development is completely separate from any summative (judgment-based) evaluation and is never involved in decisions around promotion, tenure, or re-hiring. We don’t write letters of recommendation for promotion files or for Chairs.

Our conversations with faculty remain confidential within the Center. Occasionally Center staff discuss these consultations among themselves to be able to track trends in faculty development issues or to brainstorm good advice or resources to offer faculty. One exception to our policy: By law, we are required to report any harassment or threat of physical harm to oneself or others.


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About us

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Hear from faculty

"Seattle University's Center for Faculty Development provides the ultimate co-learning space where educators and scholars thrive together."

Mid-career tenure-track faculty member, 2023-24 annual survey

"The support and guidance I have received from the Center for Faculty Development has been instrumental in shaping my path at Seattle University."

Mid-career term faculty member, 2023-24 survey

"Whether it's been about midterm course evaluations or how I'm going to use time for writing, the Center for Faculty Development supports me and my priorities through organized group events and one-on-one consultations."

Senior tenured faculty member, 2023-24 annual survey

"CFD meets you where you are, across a range of the myriad hats we wear as faculty."

Mid-career term faculty member, 2023-24 annual survey

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Center for Faculty Development

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SU faculty in their academic robes