This page lists a variety of websites and online resources identified by SU faculty as being particularly helpful and/or relevant. If you have a favorite "teaching website," please let us know, including the name of the site, a brief description, and a link. Thanks!

Teaching Goals Inventory (TGI) Online tool

The Teaching Goals Inventory (TGI) is a self-assessment of instructional goals. Its purpose is threefold: (1) to help college teachers become more aware of what they want to accomplish in individual courses; (2) to help faculty locate Classroom Assessment Techniques they can adapt and use to assess how well they are achieving their teaching and learning goals; and (3) to provide a starting point for discussion of teaching and learning goals among colleagues.

Explorations in Learning and Instruction: The Theory into Practice Database

"The Theory Into Practice" (TIP) database contains descriptions of over 50 theories relevant to human learning and instruction. Each description includes the following sections: overview, scope/application, example, principles, and references. Relationships between theories are identified by highlighted text within articles. These relationships can be connections between specific theories or to concepts that underlie a number of theories. The theories are also indexed according to content domain and type of learning."

Discipline- and topic-based resources

The Advance HE Knowledge Hub brings together thousands of higher education resources covering a wide range of topics and themes all into one place. Search by keyword or use the search filters on theme, sub theme, and content type to find resources relevant to you.