This page lists a variety of websites and online resources identified by SU faculty as being particularly helpful and/or relevant. If you have a favorite "teaching website," please let us know, including the name of the site, a brief description, and a link. Thanks!

Teaching Goals Inventory (TGI) Online tool

The Teaching Goals Inventory (TGI) is a self-assessment of instructional goals. Its purpose is threefold: (1) to help college teachers become more aware of what they want to accomplish in individual courses; (2) to help faculty locate Classroom Assessment Techniques they can adapt and use to assess how well they are achieving their teaching and learning goals; and (3) to provide a starting point for discussion of teaching and learning goals among colleagues.

Explorations in Learning and Instruction: The Theory into Practice Database

"The Theory Into Practice" (TIP) database contains descriptions of over 50 theories relevant to human learning and instruction. Each description includes the following sections: overview, scope/application, example, principles, and references. Relationships between theories are identified by highlighted text within articles. These relationships can be connections between specific theories or to concepts that underlie a number of theories. The theories are also indexed according to content domain and type of learning."

Supporting Learning: Resources on key themes in higher education

The UK's Higher Education Academy has resources under eight nine themes: Assessment and feedback; Education for sustainable development; Employability; Flexible learning; Internationalisation; Online learning; Retention and success; Reward and recognition; and Students as Partners.

Discipline-based links

The Higher Education Academy in the UK also funded a network of 36 "Subject Centres" to support teaching and learning initiatives, research and dissemination at the disciplinary level ( Much of the material could be applied to other subjects, so you may want to hunt around in other disciplines as well as your own.