SoTL Writing Retreat

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The Center ran annual SoTL Writing Retreats from 2007 to 2013. Text below provides information from the 2013 retreat.

The Center for Faculty Development's three-day writing retreat for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) is open to all SU faculty (tenured, tenure-track, non-tenure-track, adjunct, and visiting) who are teaching or on sabbatical during the same academic year. It provides space, time, and collegial support for faculty working toward publishing a writing project focused on teaching and learning in higher education (HE).

This writing may take one of three forms:

  • Peer-reviewed journal article
  • Peer-reviewed book chapter
  • Peer-reviewed conference proceedings

The common denominator is that your scholarly writing at the retreat focuses on the practice of HE teaching and learning in your discipline, rather than on the "content" of your discipline. 

If you have questions about whether your study fits the scope of the retreat, please contact us by April 2 for informal feedback.

Structured peer groups will aid participants in setting goals and encouraging progress over the three days, and professional consultants from the Center will be available to offer feedback and further guidance. The majority of the time is unstructured so that participants can devote their creative energies to their academic writing. Up to ten applications will be selected by a panel of faculty reviewers. To help you produce a more focused proposal, we have posted our evaluation criteria.

Application process

The application deadline for 2013 has passed.

2013 SoTL Writing Retreat Criteria


  1. Is working on research into learning and teaching in higher education.
  2. Already has (or will have by the time of the Retreat) some data for the study.
  3. Is working on an article or chapter to be peer-reviewed.
  4. Has a target journal/anthology in mind.
  5. Has provided at least 7 suitable references for the article.

Further Criteria

  1. Organization of the proposal.
  2. Depth of insight into the issues being examined.
  3. Potential impact on learning and teaching practice in own field.
  4. Potential impact on learning and teaching practice across fields.
  5. Likely productivity at retreat at this point in the project.

2013 Retreat

The 2013 SoTL Writing Retreat was held June 18 through June 20. The participants are an outstanding group of scholars with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. We were delighted to have this opportunity to support them in their interdisciplinary work around teaching and learning. 

SoTL Writing Retreat | 2013

Bonnie Bowie, Nursing
Brenda Broussard, Nursing
Mark Cohan, Sociology
Kathleen Cook, Psychology
Lynn Deeken, Lemieux Library
Kristi Lee, Counseling & School Psychology
Charity Lovitt, Chemistry
Trileigh Tucker, Environmental Studies
Andrea Verdan, Chemistry

Co-facilitated by David Green, International Studies and Center for Faculty Development; Therese Huston, Psychology and Center for Faculty Development, and Carol Weaver, Adult Education and Training