Rubric Stimulus Package

2009 Rubric Stimulus Package Winter and Spring 2009

Note: This program was run Winter and Spring Quarters 2009.

You could earn a stipend of $50-$250 for developing your assignment rubrics and sharing them with other faculty.

The Center is pleased to announce a Rubric Stimulus Package to support you in creating or revising a rubric - or set of rubrics - for your assignments. Smaller amounts will go to individual faculty, larger amounts to teams working on rubrics to be used across multiple courses.


The goals of developing these rubrics are:

  • To make the grading process more manageable for you and your colleagues
  • To boost academic rigor by raising expectations of student performance
  • To clarify your expectations for different levels of student performance
  • To foster more meaningful discussion about assignments between you and your students
  • To improve the quality and timeliness of your feedback on student work

Funding details

Funds will be awarded on a competitive basis. You will receive payment once you provide your new rubric.

We will continue awarding funds to faculty who meet the criteria for this scheme until the funds are used up. We have set aside half of the funds to be distributed Winter 2009 and the other half to be distributed Spring 2009. In other words, the earlier you apply in a quarter, the more likely you are to be funded.


At the end of Winter and Spring Quarters, the best three rubrics funded during that time will be featured on the Center's website, and the faculty members will each win an additional $50 as a thank you for modeling outstanding assessment and providing a tool that other faculty can use.

Examples of Rubrics

Winter Quarter 2009 Rubric Award Winners are:

Jason Capps | Sociology | Jason Capps (pdf)
Terry Cicero & Anita Mikasa | Nursing | Terry Cicero and Anita Mikasa (pdf)
Theresa Earenfight | History | Theresa Earenfight (pdf)

If you have any questions about this new fund, please contact us at