In-person teaching: What we've learned

On this page, we’re distilling our current thinking in response to questions from faculty about in-person classes after a long period of remote learning and the slow transition to a new in-person reality.

We are mindful that post-pandemic higher education will never be quite the same as it was; every academic year since 2020 has felt different for many faculty and students. We’ve therefore focused on two guiding goals around in-person courses:

  • That they be conducive to student learning.
  • That they be manageable for faculty life/work balance.

These two goals foreground kindness toward, and empathy for, ourselves, our students, and our colleagues.

Here, you’ll find suggestions on the following:

Image for Two helpful pedagogical models

Two helpful pedagogical models

... for promoting equity (Transparency in Learning and Teaching) and acknowledging these unique times (Trauma-Informed Pedagogy)

Image for Class environment

Class environment

Comfort levels, connection and belonging, attention levels, and classroom norms

Image that complements Class policies

Class policies

Attendance, participation, late work, and in-class technology use

Image that complements Class engagement

Class engagement

Course content and course syllabus

These resources are intended to be helpful suggestions and are not requirements. They represent research-based options that may support you in your teaching and in your students’ learning.

Many of the ideas we’re sharing here will be ones you are already implementing in your courses; a few may be new to you, and we encourage you to get in touch if you’d like to discuss them further with us. All consultations (whether individual or group) are voluntary, formative, and confidential.

Blue dividing line

Two helpful pedagogical models

Class Environment

Class Policies

Class Engagement