Course Evaluation Analysis

When faculty receive their student course evaluations, it can often be difficult to make sense of the data and feedback. The Center for Faculty Development offers to help analyze one set of student responses in a systematic way, and will show you how you can do this analysis for yourself for future courses.

This interpretation can then help you identify areas to prioritize, and the Center can provide further assistance in brain-storming, strategizing, and planning for future courses.

If you'd like the Center to analyze your course evaluations for you, please complete an online consultation request form by clicking here

Please note that these consultations take longer to prepare, so there is typically a delay of at least a couple of weeks between a colleague in the Center receiving your evaluations from you and your meeting together to discuss it.


To speed up your own analysis

We encourage you to save yourself some time by using these two documents below to structure your course evaluation analysis so that you can make good decisions based on real data. Both links open an MS Word document in a new window.