FAQNet - informal mentoring

FAQNet helps Seattle University faculty locate colleagues with expertise in all areas of academic life beyond their disciplinary knowledge. It allows faculty to pick colleagues' brains without the need for a formal relationship.

How to Find a Faculty Expert

To find a faculty expert or to offer your expertise to others, log in at right.

The broad categories of expertise in FAQNet are:

You will find the names and contact details of colleagues who are happy to discuss this area of interest. All communication is then up to you.

For quick reference, download the full list of FAQNet topics here.

From time to time, colleagues in the Center for Faculty Development will contact participants for feedback on the ease and usefulness of FAQNet. If you have any feedback for us at any stage, please drop us a line at faculty-development@seattleu.edu. Thanks for trying out this service.


The Center for Faculty Development has created FAQNet based on an idea from Bruce Macfarlane at the University of Hong Kong. We’d like to thank Bruce for his input as we began this project.

Macfarlane, B. (2012). Whisper it softly, professors are really academic developers, too. International Journal for Academic Development, 17(2), 181–183.