Early Career Stage

Early career stage

Early career

The Center for Faculty Development offers a number of programs and events which may be specifically useful for early career faculty.

Fall 2020

20FQ Affinity group for faculty parents - image of childrens toys and scholarly paper with childs drawing on it

20FQ Holding space for current events - image of a newspaper on fire

20FQ Affinity group for tenure-track faculty of color - image of constellation

20FQ Coping with COVID - image of a flower growing amongst rocks

Image of book jacket for Nonviolent communication, on a purple background

20FQ Many roads travelled - image of a traffic circle with roads branching off in all directions

Picture of differently shaped lightbulbs lit up in the darkness

20FQ Writing rocks - image of many rounded stones

20FQ Connecting class content to what matters - image of an SU student helping a child in a classroom