Your Career Stage

Career span

Developing faculty across the career span

At Seattle University, we value our faculty. The Center for Faculty Development supports you at all stages of your academic career. What’s different about our model is that we do not separate your faculty role into educator, scholar, university citizen, or academic leader. Instead we mirror the mission to nurture the whole person to be a balanced and successful faculty member through conversations and programs for professional formation.

We support you, as faculty, so that you may in turn shape leaders through your teaching, create knowledge through your scholarship, and—over time—invest in the next generation of faculty yourselves.

There is no single pathway through an academic career.

Our disciplines emphasize specific activities at different stages; our own passions lead us to pursue certain topics at particular times; and, as Boyer has shown, the nature of scholarship itself is varied, overlapping, and complex.

Acknowledging such variety, the chart below provides examples of faculty development that you may choose to engage in at each career stage at Seattle University. And all our work is voluntary, formative and confidential.

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