Strategic Planning Group

The Center for Faculty Development's Strategic Planning Group members meet quarterly to discuss strategic questions related to the Center's purview and how it can best support faculty.

2022–23 Strategic Planning Group members

PJ Alaimo
Chemistry, College of Science & Engineering

Joyce Allen
University Registrar

Rashmi Chordiya
Institute of Public Service, College of Arts & Sciences 

David Green
Director, Center for Faculty Development / 
International Studies, College of Arts & Sciences

Colette Hoption
Associate Director for Faculty Professional Development, Center for Faculty Development /
Management, Albers School of Business & Economics

Rachel Olson
Program Coordinator, Center for Faculty Development

Katherine Raichle
Associate Director for Learning & Teaching, Center for Faculty Development / 
Psychology, College of Arts & Sciences

Christina Roberts
English, College of Arts & Sciences

Andrea Verdan
Associate Director for Term Faculty, Center for Faculty Development / 
Chemistry, College of Science & Engineering

Lindsay Whitlow
Biology, College of Science & Engineering