About Us

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We promote the professional formation of all faculty through a scholarly and interdisciplinary approach to learning and teaching, research practice, and professional development.
The Center's work with faculty is


Our role is to support faculty in thinking about their teaching and their students' learning. We offer suggestions and ideas. The Center for Faculty Development is completely separate from any summative (judgment-based) evaluation and is never involved in Rank and Tenure (R&T) or hiring/re-hiring decisions. We do not write letters of recommendation for R&T files or for Chairs.


Our conversations with faculty—even who we work with—remain confidential within the Center. Occasionally Center staff discuss these consultations among themselves to be able to track trends in faculty development issues or to brainstorm good advice or resources to offer faculty. One exception to our policy: By law, we are required to report any harassment or threat of physical harm to oneself or others.


Faculty come to the Center for Faculty Development because they want tonot because they are under duress. If a colleague "strongly suggests" that someone consult with the Center, that person is under no obligation to do so (by agreement with the Provost's Office). Because all our consultations are confidential, we will not divulge—not even to department chairs, deans, or the provost—who has worked with us.