Writing Effective Transition Plans

Writing Effective Transition Plans

  • CCTS's Writing Effective Transition Plans (WETP) training is available in eleven asynchronous modules.
  • Training materials are available at no charge. To earn clock hours for a fee, register directly with eLearning.

Training objectives

  • Identify and describe the components of transition planning.
  • Explore and identify online assessments and related resources to support student centered transition development.
  • Determine the presence or absence of transition components within an IEP.
  • Identify transition practices you will implement to build meaningful transition plans and maximize student participation.

Training format

  • Each training module includes a PowerPoint presentation with accompanying workbook activities.
  • On your own or with a group, review each module's PowerPoint presentation slides and notes.
  • Complete activities in the WETP Workbook.
  • Expect to spend 30-40 minutes per module, including activities.

Materials needed for each module 

Training module materials (available in Google Drive)


This two-part training condenses CCTS’s self-paced WETP modules into two 2-hour sessions. These webinars are designed to help participants identify the essential components of transition planning.

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The CCTS Transition Network on Basecamp is a virtual space for statewide announcements and conversations related to transition and inclusionary practices.

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May 31, 2022