Writing Effective Transition Plans

Writing Effective Transition Plans

Updated 10/01/19

Training objectives

  • Identify and describe the components of transition planning.
  • Explore and identify online assessments and related resources to support student centered transition development.
  • Determine the presence or absence of transition components within an IEP.
  • Identify transition practices you will implement to build meaningful transition plans and maximize student participation.

Training module format

  • Expect to spend 30-40 minutes per module, including activities.
  • Watch videos on your own or with a group.
  • Complete activities in WETP Workbook.

Materials needed

Training Modules

Access the WETP Workbook on Google Drive for all training modules.

  1. Introduction
  2. Age-Appropriate Transition Assessments
  3. Assessments for High-Incidence Disabilities
  4. Assessments for Low-Incidence Disabilities
  5. Synthesizing Assessment Results
  6. Postsecondary Goals
  7. Identify Transition Services
  8. Course of Study
  9. Annual Goals
  10. Agency Connections
  11. Resources and Wrap-up

CCTS Facilitated Training Schedule

  • Individuals or groups who are working through the WETP training modules can join CCTS for live online meetings.
  • Clock hours are available through your local ESD’s PD Enroller.

Online meeting dates:

Join the CCTS Transition Network on Basecamp

  • CCTS invites all Washington educators, administrators, and agency representatives to join us on Basecamp, an online communication platform.
  • Training participants are encouraged to join the CCTS Transition Network on Basecamp to share thoughts, questions, ideas, and recommendations related to transition