Presentation Materials

2021 Presentations

Presentation slide decks are posted to Google Drive on the date of the workshop.
When available, captioned videos are posted two weeks after workshop date.

IPP Third Thursday: Planning for Next Steps (05/20/2021)

Aligning IEPs and High School and Beyond Plans (05/04/2021)

Presentation Slide Deck - Aligning IEPs and HSBPs

IPP Seminar 3: Designing the Change (04/22/2021)

Writing Effective Transition Plans, Parts 1 and 2 (03/23-24/2021)

IPP Third Thursday: Collaboration with CTE (03/18/2021)

DVR/ESD QuIST Collaboration (03/15/2021)

IPP Third Thursday: Co-Teaching with CTE (02/18/2021)

DVR/ESD T-Folio Collaboration (01/26/2021-02/11/2021)

IPP Third Thursday: Increasing Access to CTE Courses (01/25/2021)

Student-Led IEPs, Parts 1 and 2 (01/19-20/2021)

2020 Presentations

Third Thursday: Inclusion and Remote Learning (11/19/2020)

WA-ACTE Conference: CTE and Special Ed Collaboration (11/17/2020)

Workshop: Understanding Components of IEPs (11/12/2020)

IPP Seminar: Voices from the Field - CTE and Special Education Partnerships (10/08/2020)

IPP Third Thursday: Finding Your CTE Data (09/17/2020)

Intro to Developing Job Shadow Experiences (09/16/2020)

IPP Workshop: Accommodations 101 (08/19/2020)

IPP Workshop: Effective Collaboration (08/18/2020)

IPP Workshop: T-Folio 101+ (08/12/2020)

IPP Workshop: High School and Beyond Plans (HSBPs) - Aligning with IEPs (08/11/2020)

IPP Seminar: Catching the Vision Part 2 (06/06/2020)

IPP Seminar: Catching the Vision, Part 1 (05/15/2020)

Student-Led IEPs (02/12/2020)

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